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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FF '07 Don Dohler documentary BLOOD BOOBS & BEAST on DVD today!

Few films at FF draw an even larger crowd for their second screening, but the response to the first show of BLOOD BOOBS AND BEAST was so strong that the following show was absolutely packed.

The documentary tells the tale of unjustly overlooked shoestring scifi/horror filmmaker Don Dohler, a Baltimore family man who spent decades making some of the most innovative and entertaining creature features the world has never seen. Documentarian John Paul Kinhart captured the drive, respectability and uniqueness of Dohler in BB&B, and the audience of reacted with a huge amount of interest and emotion despite the fact that 99% of them had never heard of the guy before.

The fact is: it's a great film about a great filmmaker, and the DVD is being released as I type this. If you haven't seen this movie, buy it, rent it or buy it twice.

Here's the film's website, and
here's the link to just up and purchase your own!


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