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Friday, February 20, 2009

Fantastic Fest presents Karaoke Apocalypse Mar 15

You always wanted to be in the band but didn't have the time, the energy or the talent. You wanted the chicks, the drugs, the booze, but you just couldn't get it together. Friends, you don't have to suffer your lame ass life anymore!

Get instant rock-star-fantasy gratification with KARAOKE APOCALYPSE. Live band backed karaoke for indolent rock stars!

You get to lead the band through your own rendition of a classic punk rock or heavy metal number. Choose from over 80 timeless headbanging, fist pumping songs!

We'll provide a lyric sheet with easy to read lyrics and directions on the arrangement of the song, but you shouldn't need them...because this ain't your granddad's karaoke, this shit is for real!

If you've ever seen KARAOKE APOCALYPSE perform before, you know they're a solid, well-rehearsed, talented outfit of ass kickers- and yet they let you be the one in the spotlight. If this is really what the apocalypse is like, call me the anti-christ.

This party is going down at the abandoned Salvation Army space in the Alamo South Lamar shopping center on Sunday, March 15. The party will end in time for the "SXSW presents Fantastic Fest at Midnight" shows that night. Admission is free, and beer and cocktails will be available. There is no advance sign-up, please find the hostess day of the show.

This show is open to the public, but 2009 Fantastic Fest and SXSW Badge Holders will have priority admission.


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