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Thursday, January 29, 2009

FRIDAY THE 13th advance screening!

SPECIAL ADVANCE SHOWING with the new Jason, DEREK MEARS, live in person! Also, producers BRAD FULLER and ANDREW FORM will be in attendance for this screening!!

Jason Voorhees is THE undisputable icon of terror.

After a long vacation from terrorizing the denizens of Crystal Lake, he's back in this bold reinterpretation of the most popular horror franchise in the history of the genre: FRIDAY THE 13th! From the filmmaker behind 2003's TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and featuring a lead performance from SUPERNATURAL's Jared Padalecki, this is a new version of the FRIDAY films that looks to pay some serious respects to the finer points of the original series. Meaning the REAL star here is none other than everyone's most beloved psychopath, JASON VOORHEES, who'll be joining us for the show to field all questions and punish all horny teenagers!

Yep, the most eagerly anticipated horror film of the year is here, in a special FREE advance screening at Alamo . To get your tickets, email with "CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE 4EVER" in the subject line. Winners will be randomly selected and announced/notified on Tuesday, Feb 10 by 5:00 PM!


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