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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN sweeps Swedish Academy Awards!

It pretty much goes without saying that LET THE RIGHT ONE IN has become the most adored Alamo movie in a hell of a long time. The perfectly constructed Swedish film has been playing at Alamo South Lamar for months straight, and is a straight-up favorite of every single member of our staff. But the good news keeps coming...

Sweden's Academy Awards equivalent The Golden Bugs (really) lavished LTROI with FIVE AWARDS last week, including Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Script. That original article is HERE.

And we couldn't agree more. If you look back on this blog to the Alamo Programmers' Top Ten Lists for 2008, you'll see that LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is at the top of every single one. And we're still proudly playing it at Alamo South Lamar, so if you haven't seen it yet, or have only seen it three or four times, you'd better get your tickets here before it's gone!


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