Fantastic Fest

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fantastic Fest Bumper is a Viral Video Hit!

Last summer, Fantastic Fest held one of our famed Filmmaker Frenzy competitions to put together 30 second bumpers to play before the Fantastic Fest 2008 features. We received many a great entry, with Jason (TREEVENGE) Eisner's REPORT CARD winning the top slot, but - wouldn't you know it? - one of the many excellent runners-up has been getting all the online glory. I LOVE YOU JEAN CLAUDE, from "Austin-based comedy troupe" (that's what G4 calls them) Black Magic Rollercoaster has been featured on G4's "Attack of the Show", praised on VH1's Best Week Ever and Videogum and was even voted Video of the Day on /Film, and that's just for starters. It's received over 41,000 hits thus far and is being forwarded and Facebooked all over the place, so it could become even bigger, or maybe it just hit its peak, who knows? Either way, we couldn't be more proud of the BMR crew, and we look forward to more great work from them in the future.

And if someone sends you this weird video of a young Jean-Claude Van Damme, let them know it came from Fantastic Fest!


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