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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Winners announced for the TROPIC THUNDER Sneak Screening featuring "The Shit"

In just 24 hours, over 600 people requested over 1200 seats for TROPIC THUNDER! Is it because of the film itself, the first film since the now-classic ZOOLANDER to be helmed by comedy mogul Ben Stiller, or is it because of "The Shit", a death-defying tunnel of paintball destruction we're installing in front of the Alamo South Lamar?! We's Downey Jr.

So here it goes... We selected, by means of highly sophisticated randomizing technology, an equal amount of seats from two catagories: Fantastic Fest badge-holders and the general public. Winners get a seat, invaluable real estate, in the theater to watch the free advance screening of the most hilarious, blazing, raging film in the history of comedy

In alphabetical order, here is the list of the folks who just got really lucky...

Adkins, Michael +1
Bassett, Brandy +1
Betts, Eric +1
Bidari, Gopal +1
Budd, Eric +1
Burns, Kevin
Calderon, Tino +1
Cao, Tamara +1
Carter, Michael +1
Couch, Andy +1
Cox, Edward +1
Cromer, Shannon +1
Davitt, Kendra +1
De La Rosa, Emit +1
De La Torre, Diana +1
De Los Santos, Celeste +1
Delapp, Tron +1
DeLeón-Serratos, Jesús +1
DePasqual, Victor +1
Dierksen, John David +1
Donner, Austin +1
Douglas, Dustin +1
Duttweiler, Darcie +1
Eustace, D'Anne Hiskey +1
Frost, Geoffrey +1
Fuller, Chris +1
Garcia, Esmeralda +1
Garcia, Jason +1
Gaston, Gary +1
Giesberg, David +1
Gouz, Aaron
Green, Dusty +1
Gus, George +1
Hazelwood, Ashley +1
Hinkle, Gretchen +1
Hsu, Eugene +1
Jackson, Dave +1
Jackson, Elliot +1
Jennings, Christina +1
Jennings, Steve +1
Jones, Nikki +1
Kennedy, Heather +1
Kim, Eugenie +1
King, Daniel +1
Lau, Eric +1
McLaughlin, Halarie +1
Miller, Troy +1
Monserrat, Andre +1
Nguyen, Khanh T +1
Nystul, Brian +1
O'Donnell, William +1
Ohlson, Rell +1
Ortega, Tanya +1
Parr, David +1
Perdue, Lauren
Puente, Fabian +1
Reese, Dshanya +1
Rosas, Rita +1
Rousseau, Eric Alan +1
Saucedo, Alyssa +1
Smith, Donald Christopher +1
Straight, Eddie +1
Tange, Darren +1
Thomas, Erin +1
Tomlinson, Tara +1
Volpe, Evan +1
Ward, Franklin Jr. +1
Webb, Erik +1
Wesely, Andrew
Wiley, Elizabeth +1
Williams, Dylan Shane +1
Williams, Steve +1
Wilson, Greg +1
Wilson, Ken +1
Woodcock, Gary +1
Yarbrough, Emily +1
Zafros, Stephen +1

If you're on the list, show up EARLY. The movie starts at 10PM and we've got a date with THE SHIT beforehand and a big line of stand-by folks betting you're AWOL. If you're not at the Alamo South Lamar by 9:30p (at the latest), not only did you miss some psychologically traumatizing paintball action, you might have lost your seat to someone with the stones.

I am afraid and excited.


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