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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guillermo Del Toro - the Muppet Video

For those who made it (and for those who didn't), here's a little video treat from the Guillermo Del Toro visit to the Alamo last week. Guillermo used to live in Austin a few years ago and while here threw some great parties. One of his signature moves is to prepare a drink called a Muppet for an unsuspecting visitor. The ingredients are as follows: a LOT of tequilla, fresh squeezed limes, Mexican grapefruit soda. You hand the drink to the sucker and then slam in some kosher salt on the top of the drink, making it fizz. The recipient has to drink the whole thing and hold the last swallow in his/her mouth. Watch the video to find out the last all-important step.

In addition to this video, you can check out a bunch of photos on the Alamo Flickr site. Also in attendance at the sneak preview were co-writer Mike Mignola and star Doug Jones.

Guillermo, we love you dearly. Everyone please go out and support Hellboy 2 (now playing at the Alamo Drafthouse).


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