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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Tickets to Tropic Thunder this Friday!

This Friday, August 1st, 2008, Red Hour Films, Dreamworks Pictures and The Alamo Drafthouse will proudly present an advance screening of the most hilarious, blazing, raging film in the history of comedy: TROPIC THUNDER. And even better: it's free to get in.

BUT there is a catch. To get you into the right mindset for this movie, select attendees may have to make it through "THE SHIT," which is nothing short of a paintball tunnel of shrieking death. Want to get the first shot in Austin to see what is shaping up to be the funniest movie of the summer?

Show us you have the stones to face "THE SHIT." To enter to win tickets to the screening, all you have to do is email us at! half of the tickets are reserved for Fantastic Fest Badge Holders, half for the general public. If you are 2008 Badge Fantastic Fest badge holder, write "FANTASTIC THUNDER" in the subject line of the email. If you are not a 2008 Fantastic Fest badge holder, write "REGULAR THUNDER" in the subject line. In the body of your email, enter your name and whether you desire one or two tickets.

Winners will be drawn at random and announced at 10:00 PM on Wednesday, July 30, then posted to Ain't It Cool News and the Alamo Blog, Fantastic Fest blog and the Alamo Facebook Page.

About Fantastic Fest:
With over 100 films from more than 30 countries, Fantastic Fest is the largest genre film festival in the United States. The unique event features the best of new crime, horror, action, science fiction, fantasy and all-around badass cinema from across the globe. Fantastic Fest also offers unique free screenings for badge-holders throughout the year including this TROPIC THUNDER event. For more information or to buy a badge, check out .


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