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Monday, July 21, 2008

Winners announced for the SPACED marathon with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes Live!

Many American filmgoers are fans of Edgar Wright's luminous zombie send-up SHAUN OF THE DEAD and his action-flick parody HOT FUZZ, but not nearly enough Americans are familiar with the hilarious BBC show that paved the way for his (as well as his leading men Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's) giant leap onto the big screen. Originally pitched as "a cross between The Simpsons, The X-Files and Northern Exposure," SPACED follows the colorful and surreal misadventures of Tim (Pegg) and Daisy (Hynes) who constantly discover new unproductive ways to kill time while trying to figure out what they want out of life.

If you are reading this blog, then you are probably one of the approximately 900 people who sent in for a chance to win tickets to this incredible show- the SPACED Marathon with director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes live in person!

There were actually two chances here to win tickets. Harry Knowles and the Ain't It Cool News crew had a contest last week, and to recap, here are the winners of the AICN ticket giveaway...

Matthew Lumb-Mielke + 1
John Cason
Garry Littler
Father Shane Tharp
Mark Jackson
Erin Mattingly
John Camara
Cody Cobb
Rebecca Jones
Tina Brooks
Amanda Gillispie + 1
Laura Ryan-Day + 1
Anthony Fondacaro + 1
Alisha Hoffmann
Kyle Bogart
Cliff Bogart
Richard Heim
Kimberly Locke
Calli Bertschy
Stephanie Monica
Joanna Suckling
Aaron McAbee
Kristen Daniels
Brian Satterwhite
Allison Burch
Jeff Mosteller + 1
Michael Armijo + 1
Kate Richey
Fitz Meshbane
Rebecca Elliott
Tina Robinson + 1
Joel Vallie
Michelle Vallie
Brook Kindburg
Dylan Ladmbardie
Mary Tidwell
Lennart Bleisch
Chris Ladusky
Shannon Howard
Chelsea Sendejo
Stephanie Hite + 1
Tom Fuchs + 1
Diana De La Torre
Daisy De La Torre
Caty Schexnaider
Melissa Dalley
Alyssa Delgado
Jessica Gray
Heather Cain
Sean Huntsman
Danielle LeBlanc + 1
Jessica Hughes
Susan Broyles
Karen Broyles
Kim Osmer
Tamar Madrigal + 1
Nancy E Upton
Chris Castleberry
Mark Eggert
Jessica Cargill + 1
Darren Tange + 1
Johnny Wise
Amy Wages + 1
Chris Green + 1
Celeste De Los Santos

Then The Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest had some tickets to giveaway as well. Here are the winners of our lottery...

Acuna, Cristina +2
Bailey, Robin

Burch, Robert

Culp, Austin +1

Demint, Robert

Do, Hai +1

Donegan, Jill +1

Dykstra, Paul +1

Ellisor, Kristen +1

Guerrero, David +1

Ha, Bobb X

Heller, Anne +1

Janis, Melanie +1

Kromer, Kayla

Mackey, Kristopher +1

Moher, Trinity

Monserrat, Andre

Moore, Leslye +1

Mullen, Luke +1

Ohlson, Rell +1

Owens, Marcus

Pendergast, Holly +2

Popkoff, Chris +1

Saucedo, Alyssa +1

Smith, Matt +1

Stevens, Caitlin

Tomlinson, Mick +1

Ward, Frank +1

Watkins, Ryan

We want to thank everyone who sent in a request for seats- it's so great to know how many other SPACED fans there are out there! If you have never seen the show, we HIGHLY recommend you check it out when the COMPLETE SERIES (!) comes out on DVD July 22nd!

If you are not on either of these lists, your dreams aren't dashed just yet. We expect there to be a number- a very small number, probably 10 or so- of seats available to stand-by folks. But don't even think about camping out! We want to see the show too, but we know that camping out angers the 6th Street Gods.

Congrats to the winners and enjoy!


  • At 11:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I hope to dear God that anyone on BOTH of the above lists are not people who have never seen SPACED and just thought they would attend because they thought Simon Pegg was so cute in "Shaun of the Dead". As a huge fan of SPACED living here in Austin (I have friends who are also huge fans and didn't get in either), I was severely disappointed to not get chosen for such an amazing event. Not trying to be sour grapes here, but it was a hard pill to swallow. (I could have f**king met Daisy!!!)


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