Fantastic Fest

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It didn't technically play Fantastic Fest, but it opened at the Drafthouse and it did screen at SXSW ... plus it's really damn good so here's a blog entry. (Deal with it!) THE SIGNAL might just be the very first non-anthology to be directed in episodic fashion by three different directors. And I don't mean "episodic" as a knock; I mean one guy directed Act I, another guy did Act II, and a third lunatic did Act III. (Those directors would be David Bruckner (I), Jake Gentry (II), and Dan Bush (III).) Can YOU spot the tonal divergences?

Shot in Atlanta on a budget that wouldn't cover gasoline costs on most productions, The Signal is a sci-fi horror movie that also has the audacity to include humor, heart, and intelligence as part of the equation. Well-acted, handsomely shot, and engaging in true "sci-fi" fashion, this is a very good indie flick. The Magnolia DVD hits shelves this week, and the release is littered with some very fine extras -- but if you want the "deluxe" treatment, you'll have to visit Best Buy, because they have an exclusive 2-disc edition that's got even MORE goodies.

Plus, ladies, the movie's got some really nice man-ass in it.


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