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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fantastic Fest '07 Flashback

I asked Tim if I could help out with the Fantastic Fest blog and he demanded to see my qualifications. I told him I've been "blogging" (a word I loathe) for Cinematical (blatant plug) for several years, plus I run my own nerdly little movie blog right here (pathetic plug). He said Yes, I Know You Retard and Thanks For The Help and off we go. My plan is to give the Fantastic Fest Faithful a reason to visit this blog more than, say, once a fortnight (which I think is three months).

So to give you a little taste of my oh-so-thorough "blogging" (ugh) abilities, I'm starting a new tradition right now: Every June 1st we'll scan back through the previous year's FF titles and see how they're faring on the U.S. distribution front. And by we I mean me.

Aachi & Ssipak -- Available on an all-region DVD as of last December -- although it may be tough to find.

Alone -- Unavailable in R1 as of yet, but imports are available.

The Backwoods -- Lionsgate released the DVD in April.

The Beautiful Beast -- Released as a double feature (along with the 1946 version) last May.

Big Man Japan -- Magnolia has it. Expect a DVD release some time this year.

Blood, Boobs & Beast -- Still on the festival circuit!

The Cold Hour -- Released in the UK, but not the US.

Death Note 1 and 2 -- The DVD comes out in September, although I'm not sure if it's both flicks or just the first one.

The Devil's Chair -- Still no "official" word on the US DVD, but be patient!

Diary of the Dead -- The Weinsteins gave it a limited release; the DVD just came out a few weeks ago. And is excellent.

A Dirty Carnival -- Hit DVD on May 20, courtesy of "Genius Products."

Dog Bite Dog -- The Weinsteins put the DVD out last October.

End of the Line -- I wish I knew at this point.

The Entrance -- Lionsgate put it out just last week.

Exte: Hair Extensions -- Available from Tokyo Shock on July 29th.

The Ferryman -- First Look released it only a week after FF '07.

Finishing the Game -- Just hit DVD last week, courtesy Genius again.

Five Across the Eyes -- Anchor Bay bought it for US distribution; no release yet. (It's out in the UK.)

Flash Point -- Genius / Weinstein released it last month.

Flight of the Living Dead -- New Line released the DVD last October.

The Girl Next Door -- Anchor Bay released the DVD late last year.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time -- Import only.

Hell's Fever -- Looks to have been released and gone out-of-print already.

Hell's Ground -- TLA's Danger After Dark label unleashes the Pakistani lunacy later this month.

Inside -- Weinstein's Dimension Extreme label delivered the DVD last month -- but DON'T rent it from Blockbuster because their version's been gutted.

Invisible Target -- The Weinsteins again: June 10th.

Kiltro -- Now available from Magnolia DVD!

The Last Winter -- Will FINALLY hit DVD in July. Thanks, IFC.

Maiko Haaaann!!! -- The R1 DVD hits shelves on June 24th.

Mirageman -- Magnolia. Expect the DVD a little later this year.

Moebius Redux -- It's played on TV all over the world by now.

Never Belongs to Me -- I have no idea.

Offscreen -- Still without US distribution, as far as I can tell.

Persepolis -- Sony releases the DVD later this month.

Postal -- Recently had some sort of limited release. Expect the DVD before long.

Princess -- Apparently Tartan has the US rights, but didn't they just go bankrupt?

Retribution -- Lionsgate released the DVD last April.

The Rug Cop -- Import only, it seems.

Sex and Death 101 -- Anchor Bay will release this one on July 1st. (It's funny!)

Son of Rambow -- Playing at South Lamar right now! Expect the Paramount DVD later this year.

Southland Tales -- Now on DVD from Sony. Brace yourself.

Spiral -- Anchor Bay released it in February.

Summer Scars -- TLA picked it up. Release date pending.

The Sword Bearer -- Now available, I do believe.

Taxidermia -- Another one Tartan owns US right to.

There Will Be Blood -- Now available on Paramount DVD. And still awesome.

Timecrimes -- Magnolia has a hold of it; English-language remake is coming from (maybe) David Cronenberg!

Uncle's Paradise -- Apparently unavailable as of yet.

Weirdsville -- Magnolia released it last February.

Wicked Flowers -- See "Uncle's Paradise."

Wolfhound -- Import only. But worth it.

Wrong Turn 2 -- A Fox release from last October.

So there you have it. My first post for the Eff Eff blog and it only took me like three hours. Cool. See you all soon! (And thanks to Jette for the photo!)


  • At 12:48 PM , Blogger KMB said...

    That's great! Thanks. I've actually been looking for Uncle's Paradise (didn't expect any new developments) and also Timecrimes. I found the girl who lept through time already!

    Do you know about the shorts? I have been trying to locate Maquina [sp?]

    This is very helpful!

  • At 10:56 PM , Blogger Changeling said...

    Regarding Morgenthaler's film, what is it with Morgen[...]s and Princesses?

  • At 11:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Scott! Nice work. Not that you listed short films, but FAR OUT is playing on The Sundance Channel. They acquired North American TV rights for 2 yrs!


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