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Monday, June 09, 2008

Newsflash!: FF '07 favorite TIMECRIMES actually travels through time!!!

It's true! Not content to have created the most memorable and exciting Spanish sci-fi film of its age, writer/director/star of TIMECRIMES Nacho Vigalondo recently packed an airplane with friends and colleagues and flew against the time barrier for a special movie-themed party. The passengers viewed the film on the plane itself, then landed in another time zone to party down on the Canary Islands!

Here's the news story on the event from Spanish TV!:

(If you don't speak fluent Spanish, don't feel bad...I don't either!)

Regardless, yet another congratulations to Nacho, as TIMECRIMES opens in Spain next weekend on 80 screens - a very impressive release for an independent film. The film will be released by Magnet/Magnolia in the fall in the US - so look for it and spread the word already!!


  • At 12:43 PM , Blogger KMB said...

    I wish I could travel back in time to FF '07 and watch Cronos Crimines again!


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