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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Free Screening - Machine Girl 6/2

We began programming Fantastic Fest 2008 in December 2007. One of the downsides of starting this early is that films that you really like sometimes find distribution and get out to market before the festival. One such movie is Machine Girl, which has found a home at Media Blasters and will hit video in Early June. We thought you guys would really like to check out this film early and have arranged with Media Blasters to present a sneak preview free screening of the film.

About Machine Girl
When bullies kill her younger brother, schoolgirl Ami (Minase Yashiro) seeks revenge on the perps and their parents. She loses an arm during a yakuza torture session; fortunately, sympathetic motor mechanics help with a machine-gun prosthesis, and Ami turns the bloody tide.

Check out the trailer below. Wow! Arterial sprays, chainsaws, ninjas, throwing stars and rotary drill bras. Machine Girl is without a doubt our kind of popcorn.

Admission to this show is free. Fantastic Fest and Austin Asian American Film Festival badge holders (plus one guest each) will be guaranteed admission as long as you arrive 20 minutes before showtime, all others are welcome but will be admitted on a space available basis beginning 20 minutes before the showtime.

Please RSVP at the Fantastic Fest Facebook Group so we know how many folks to expect.

This event is presented by Fantastic Fest and the Austin Asian American Film Festival


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