Fantastic Fest

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Iron Man contest photos online

Fantastic Fest and Ain't It Cool News are presenting an advance screening of IRON MAN on April 28. Before the screening we'll be treated to a demonstration of Jet Pack International's amazing technological breakthrough: an ACTUAL jet pack. To get tickets, patrons had to make an Iron Man or Tony Stark costume and send us a photo. These photos are now available on the Alamo Flickr Page. We'll have photos of the Jet Pack demonstration posted up later this week.

To find out about more of these events in advance, join us on the Alamo Fanatics Facebook Page or the Fantastic Fest Facebook Page.

Iron Man opens at the Alamo on Friday, May 2. Check it out at the Ritz where we'll be featuring Tony Stark's favorite happy hour special: a Glenmorangie Scotch Flight and discounted Whiskey Sours. The Alamo at the Ritz... your new happy hour bar!


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