Fantastic Fest

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Iron Man contest photos online

Fantastic Fest and Ain't It Cool News are presenting an advance screening of IRON MAN on April 28. Before the screening we'll be treated to a demonstration of Jet Pack International's amazing technological breakthrough: an ACTUAL jet pack. To get tickets, patrons had to make an Iron Man or Tony Stark costume and send us a photo. These photos are now available on the Alamo Flickr Page. We'll have photos of the Jet Pack demonstration posted up later this week.

To find out about more of these events in advance, join us on the Alamo Fanatics Facebook Page or the Fantastic Fest Facebook Page.

Iron Man opens at the Alamo on Friday, May 2. Check it out at the Ritz where we'll be featuring Tony Stark's favorite happy hour special: a Glenmorangie Scotch Flight and discounted Whiskey Sours. The Alamo at the Ritz... your new happy hour bar!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fantastic Fest praised in Moviemaker Magazine

In the current issue of Moviemaker Magazine, Fantastic Fest was hailed as one of the "25 Festivals Worth the Submission Fee." While this is of primary importance to filmmakers who are considering Fantastic Fest to debut their film, it's also of interest to the audience attending the festival. We are expecting a lot of guest filmmakers and Q&As in this year's festival, as the word of Fantastic Fest's southern hospitality has been getting around. More filmmakers and more "badass" films means a better festival for you, me and the entire audience. 2008 is shaping up, in the words of William Shatner, to be a "very good year."

Check out a hi-res scan of the article here for all the details.
Fantastic Fest official site.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Iron Man sneak and a guy in a jet pack!

Ain't It Cool News and Fantastic Fest proudly present a free sneak preview of the almost unbearably anticipated film of the summertime:

April 28, 7:00 PM
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
1120 South Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX

To make it even more special, however, we will be having a live appearance by Iron Man himself (or at least the closest real-life equivalent we could find: Mr. Jet Pack International. Before the screening, we'll be treated to a display of technology that was only in the dreams of sci-fi filmmakers until now. Mr. Jet Pack International will take off from the Alamo South Lamar parking lot, fly above the crowd and return to earth to shake hands, hold babies and sign cleavage.

Admission to this screening is free, HOWEVER, since every self-respecting geek clearly wants to go, we're going to make you work for it a little bit. To secure a ticket, you need to send us a photo (RGB, .jpg, less than 400KB) of you either dressed as Iron Man or Tony Stark (dressing as Iron Man will clearly get you a better shot). We'll select the 100 best photos and those folks will receive a pair of tickets to the show. Before the jet pack demonstration, we'll have an Iron Man costume contest with assorted prizes and merchandise for the winners. Photos are due by Thursday, April 24rd at 5:00 PM CST. We'll announce the winners on April 25 at 5:00 PM CST. Photos can be sent to If you are one of the lucky winners to get tickets, wear your costume to the event on the 28th and we'll have great Iron Man prizes for you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Exte: Fantastic Fest Favorite returns Alamo 4/30

The most audience-pleasing and talked about Japanese film of Fantastic Fest 2007 is back in a special limited engagement at The Ritz! But just don't listen to the audience, Exte also won the gold medal in the 2007 Fantastic Fest Horror Features competition.

"Customs agents stumble across a giant crate of human hair, destined to be used as extensions for trendy Japanese civilians. They are disgusted, but revulsion is eclipsed by horror when they discover, in the center of this mountain of hair, a single dead girl, whose organs and even an eye have been removed, presumably for black market sale. A girl whose broken body has been harvested in every conceivable way. Meanwhile, at the hip Gilles De Rais hair salon, an apprentice stylist named Yuko (the stunning Chiaki Kuriyama, best known to Western viewers as KILL BILL’s Gogo Yubari) is living an all-hair all-the-time existence, practicing on friends, wigs, anything. Over the ensuing days, her salon is turned upside-down as clients are found dead, inexplicably and very violently murdered by...their own hair! And not in any subtle, symbolic sense either. No, in spectacular setpieces that recall the psychotropic mania of Higuchinsky’s UZUMAKI, strands of hair tear out from body cavities, wounds, eyeballs, mouths and fingertips, often fastening to immovable objects and utterly obliterating the people they happen to be connected to!

EXTE is transgressive art/horror genius Sion Sono’s entry into bigger-budget, star-fronted Japanese studio filmmaking, and neither his signature nor his spirit have been washed away by the influx of yen. Grand Guignol surrealism burrows through the façade of normalcy, S&M undertones abound in circumstances and dialogue, absurdist comedy sprouts from the most unexpected places and stunning set pieces of body-horror are often a saliva-swallow away. Sono takes the Japanese supernatural horror genre’s now-well-past-done flowing hair iconography to levels so uncharted they tear straight off the chart. He not only turns hair itself into his narrative’s central threat, he anchors it back to his filmography’s continuing exploration of the natures of abuse and accountability, the hyper-destructive strands functioning in part as a metaphor for internal horrors impacting external realities, unstoppably brutalizing their “owners” in ways that must be seen to be believed. It’s outrageous, it’s gruesome as hell, it’s darkly comical and it works fantastically. Beloved character actor Ren Osugi (AUDITION, ZEBRAMAN, CURE and, interestingly, UZUMAKI, among many others) a Kitano/Kurosawa/Miike regular, co-stars as a morgue attendant with some very peculiar fetishes and delivers the downright freakiest performance of his 145-film career." - Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

2008 Fantastic Fest badge holders get Free Admission to this screening, non-badge holders, it's $5 (we'll have a list at the door of current badge holders. For those who had the pleasure of seeing this show at Fantastic Fest, please tell your friends. For the rest of you, just read the post above. We're not steering you wrong here.

Tickets and info here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

See Pineapple Express Three Weeks Early!

This just in from Harry over at AICN - a chance to see PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Three months early with Danny McBriade, Seth Rogen, James Franco and David Gordon Green in person. Read below:

Hey folks, Harry here! AICN is doing a couple of screenings with the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE that are just going to kick so much ass... you won't know what to do. This is the first one we get to announce and it's a biggie.

Last year, around this time we had an amazing advanced screening of SUPERBAD with Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and McLovin'. This year we've got the new David Gordon Green directed, Judd Apatow Produced... PINEAPPLE EXPRESS with SETH ROGEN, JAMES FRANCO and DANNY McBRIDE coming... oh and the incredibly talented - and not known for his Druggie Violent Comedies - DAVID GORDON GREEN!!!

That's right - all 4 of them at the Alamo Drafthouse South on May 3rd at 9:30pm - where if you're lucky enough to make it - you'll get in to see this film over 3 months early and then have a chance to make everyone you know envious beyond words. I've been dying to see this since I met a couple of readers of AICN last summer during the Rolling Roadshow BOOGIE NIGHTS screening in L.A. - who had seen PINEAPPLE EXPRESS at two different early test screenings. They raved about the film all night to me and got me incredibly fired up to see this film.

Now - here's the rub. I don't have a ton of tickets. Most of the tickets will be handed out somewhere around the University of Texas campus by the studio's secret agents - but I do have a few tickets - in the under 75 ticket variety. So here's how we're going to handle this.

Requests for tickets are for no more than 2 at a time. You plus one. Send an email to HK @ AintItCool dot Com with the subject line: Puffing Pineapple

In this email you'll need to send your name & the name of your guest - plus why you're perfect to see PINEAPPLE EXPRESS so early. Why are you perfect to see a violent pot smoking comedy crime thriller?

This screening is being brought to you by AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, FANTASTIC FEST & THE ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE - however it is open to everyone. If you can get there - and you want to go - write me and I'll publish the list of attendees.

This is going to be an awesome screening - I really wish I could have special sugar free herbed brownies for this screening... if only the theater could make such a thing. Shucks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SEX AND DEATH 101 - Missed it at Fantastic Fest? See it now.

SEX AND DEATH 101 was like a cool breeze at the last Fantastic Fest, a good solid comedy (though admittedly one with Winona Ryder as a serial killer) to briefly cleanse the palate of penis-gun homicide, subway beasties, deadly hair-extensions and the like. Stars Simon Baker and Patton Oswalt and director Daniel Waters were there and the room was packed to the ceiling.

But of course a lot of people missed it - or were unable to bring their friends - or just plain want to see it again. And we're happy to present it again. It is now playing at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Bring your friends and have a lot of fun.

Here are Baker, Oswalt and Waters on SEX AND DEATH 101:

To find out more and buy tickets click here.