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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

THE CHASER now playing on IFC Festival Direct!

Hong-jin Na's rampaging feature debut THE CHASER is on the loose. If you weren't lucky enough to catch it at Fantastic Fest- or any of the many other international festivals that also knew how f@*#ing great this film is- now you can see it at your own, private Film Festival in your living room! The inspired minds over at IFC Films have come up with an idea to make great films (ones that might otherwise get lost amongst the the slop in the Hollywood trough) more accessible to the few of us who still have a soft spot for substance and quality.

Cablers, Behold!
BrightHouse: Movies On Demand - IFC In Theaters
Cablevision: Movies On Demand - IFC In Theaters - Festival Direct
Comcast: Channel 1 - Movies & Events - IFC Festival Direct
Cox: Channel 1 - Movies On Demand - IFC In Theaters
Time Warner: Movies On Demand - IFC In Theaters

They don't get better than this. See it. Now. Tonight. Whenever you want. Just see it.

Find out more here

Now get out there and support great film.


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