Fantastic Fest

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UNDEAD TILL DAWN: The Fantastic Fest Vampire Party

You've made your travel reservations. You've laid out your socks and underwear, and even purchased a fresh toothbrush carrier so you can be 100% germ-free and make it all through the 8 days of the festival. But guess what? You probably aren't done packing yet. Unless, by chance, you've already backed your black and red satin cape, plenty of white make up, and blood, lots and lots of blood.

That's the kind of stash you're either going to need to bring with you or source for yourself here in Austin if you plan on making it all through way through the festival this year, because our closing night party now has a theme, and it's all VAMPIRE through and through.

We'll have a DJ spinning the best dance music for teenagers to slit their wrists to, bloodbags full of tasty concoctions to keep you alive all through the night, and plenty of plastic fangs for any mortals who sneak in and think they can fool us. But we'll also be having a costume contest, and crowning the new king and queen of Bontemps right here in Austin.

You can get a taste of what people looked like in our last Vampire Prom in this video from our beloved fallen local PBS Docubloggers. Check it out, and I'll be here ready, just waiting to suck your blood.