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Monday, May 11, 2009

Fantastic Fest filmmaker needs extras and locations!

This summer, Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest will be teaming up with me (Simon Rumley, director of the Fantastic Fest 2006 best picture The Living and The Dead) to shoot my new revenge feature. The movie is called Red, White and Blue and will shoot on location in and around Austin.

Being an indie production however, we need a little bit of help from you, our loyal friends!

Whether it'll be sitting in a bed in hospital or eating a burger at a diner or browsing a toyshop, we'll need some of you guys to flesh out the background.

Most scenes will take no more than an hour to shoot so if you have a spare hour (or more) this is for you!

This is an ambitious movie with a ton of locations. We'll be using 'real' locations where we come in and shoot with little or no production design to change the look and feel of the locations.

The crew will be relatively small with about 12 people and next to no lights. The amount of actors will vary on the scenes but will range from between 2-6. Most locations will be required for roughly a day's filming, some during the day and some during the night.

They are as follows:

1) Franki's - Franki is a lead character and is in a band. His house should be small/medium sized with two floors. Nothing too fancy. Probably 2-3 days filming here.

2) Carl/Alvin's - Also lead characters and in the same band as Franki. Need a garage to rehearse in and also, preferably on two floors. Nothing too fancy either.

3) Ellie's - Franki's mum's house. Can be on one or two floors. Lived in by a woman in her 50/early 60s. Moderately well off/comfortable.

4) Ed's - Slightly older contemporary of Franki/Alvin's etc. Lives with his girlfriend and young daughter. Has back yard and two floors.

5) Dano - Small appartment/ground floor house, lives by himself. NB - this is required for a sex scene!

6) Barman - Barman from a hotel's bedroom. Also required for a sex scene!

7) Lil Allan's mum's house - single mum's house ideally with young boy's room and back yard.

8) Sarah's house - single woman in her 20's house, ground floor only.

9) Erica's parents's house - only need to see a run-down/basic living room from the outside.


Apart from being an integral part of a new feature film, you'll get onscreen credits and be kept abreast of all the developments/premieres/parties etc. More than that, however, you'll have the chance of becoming one of the movie's producers!

Every single person who provides a location or is an extra in at least two different scenes will be automatically entered into a raffle which will take place on the last day of filming. The lucky winner will be then given an onscreen credit as Associate Producer to impress their mums/dads/boyfriends/girlfriends etc for ever and ever.

If you wanna help produce a movie by providing a location, send an email to:

If you wanna help produce a movie by being an extra, send an email to:

Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Simon Rumley
director: Red White and Blue, The Living and the Dead


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