Fantastic Fest

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marko, 'Southland Tales,' BBQ, and Uwe Boll

The first weekend of Fantastic Fest 2007 is not even finished yet, but already, it's been an exciting and eventful series of screenings, events, and special guests. Saturday night's super secret screening was the first unveiling for the final/re-edited cut of Richard Kelly's sophomore feature, Southland Tales, probably one of this year's most highly anticipated fanboy films. I had to miss the screening, but the response was certainly more favorable than what the original version of the film received at Cannes in May 2006. Check out the review from Todd Brown of Twitch. Here are some pictures I took from Friday and Saturday:


(The marquee outside the Alamo South Lamar, welcomes attendees to the festival.)


(One of the big hits of Fantastic Fest's first weekend was Mirageman, a Chilean superhero adventure. Sharing a laugh during the Q&A, here is director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, star Marko Zaror, and moderator Todd Brown.)


(On Saturday afternoon, all the Festival staff and guests took a road trip to nearby Lockhart, TX for some BBQ. Posing at Smitty's Market, is Postal director Uwe Boll and Cinematical/FEARnet critic Scott Weinberg.)


(Hanging out in front of the Smitty's pit, are Fantastic Fest director Tim League and Marko Zaror. They're both wearing Kiltro shirts, in honor of the other Chilean action film Zaror is presenting at the fest.)


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