Fantastic Fest

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tickets for individual shows...

We were freaking out because we sold out of festival badges this year and were worried about overstuffing our relatively modest-sized theaters with badge-holders. Attendance has been really great, but for the most part we've been able to accommodate almost everyone at the shows, even individual ticket buyers.

If you are interested in checking out a taste of Fantastic Fest, but don't have a badge, you should come down to Alamo South Lamar and check it out. Avoid the AICN Secret Screenings, the first screening of Sex and Death 101, and the closing night film (these will all sell out), and I think you will be able to get in to the movie of your choice. If not, there are 2 other movies at each timeslot, and we vouch for damn near all of them. We've got some amazing films and guests this year, so we invite first timers to check out the shows, and I bet we'll see you with a badge around your neck next year.


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