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Friday, September 21, 2007

Vlog: Bruce Lee Look-Alike Contest!

So for tonight's first screening of FINISHING THE GAME, we had been working with the Austinist to put together a Bruce Lee Look-Alike contest. The idea wasn't to have the person that automatically looked like Bruce Lee win just because he was the coolest motherfucker in the room, though, but rather to encourage people to come out to the movie dressed up as their favorite Bruce Lee persona.

This concept made sense, see, because FINISHING THE GAME is all about the search for a new Bruce Lee to be the body double for the studio that needed to finish shooting THE GAME OF DEATH after Bruce Lee's own demise.

Anyway, it turned out that not a lot of people wanted to dress up for one of the many movies they planned on seeing that night, so Lars had to think on his feet in order to give away the fabulous prizes we had available from Hog Wild Toys, Backspin Records and the Austin Kung Fu Academy. Instead of having people look like Bruce, Lars decided to make them scream like Bruce. I think it made for a more entertaining show...


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