Fantastic Fest

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FF 2008 shakeyface winner's amazing prize is IN THE HOUSE!

You may have seen greatness before, but you've never seen it as a 6-foot-tall woven blanket.

Until now.

As attendees of FF '08 acutely recall, everyone at the festival (including our honored guests!) was asked to submit a Shakeyface photo for their badge, and the most ridiculous and biologically impossible was promised a valuable award. We're proud to report that we have the prize in hand for winner Robert Lambert! Whether he hangs it above his hearth, makes it the centerpiece in the living room or uses it as a decorative bedspread, Robert's talent Shakeyface legacy will live forever, immortalized for the ages.

When we picked up the blanket, the lady at the counter said, "If I had that in my house, it would make me die." An unsolicited testimonial to true victory!! Congratulations, champion!

The FF '08 Shakeyface competitors are largely represented in this gripping educational film:


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