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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inside the Mind of the Muscles

This week, Marc Savlov from the Austin Chronicle had, what I have to assume, was a rare and sumptuous treat: the honor of interviewing legendary ass-kicker Jean Claude Van Damme. His new film JCVD, a Charlie-Kaufman-esque meta-comedy/drama/action hybrid features Jean Claude Van Damme playing Jean Claude Van Damme, an aging, broke action star who in one day loses a big role to Steven Segal, is being divorced by his wife and disowned by his daughter. The day really spirals out of hand, however, when he finds himself in the middle of an actual bank heist.

Check out Marc Savlov's interview "Inside the Mind of the Muscles" in this wee's Austin Chronicle, read the glowing external reviews on the Alamo show page, and most importantly, come and check out the film at the Ritz starting this weekend. Whether you side with the art house or the action flick, this movie will blow your mind and make you realize the true depth of what I once assumed was a one-dimensional Belgian karate champ.

Don't take my word for it though, here's what Marc Savlov has to say, "It's one of the most riveting, emotionally devastating, and altogether unexpected performances of 2008. And, love the guy or hate him, JCVD really needs to be seen to be believed."


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