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Monday, November 10, 2008

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Opens This Friday at South Lamar

That's right, one of the most acclaimed and anticipated films ever, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is coming to the Alamo South Lamar.

Maybe you caught LET THE RIGHT ONE IN at Fantastic Fest. Or maybe you just heard everyone talking about how spectacularly amazing it is. Either way, you're going to want to catch it at the Alamo South Lamar starting with the Thursday midnight screening.

While LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is a vampire movie, it's a huge divergence from most vampire films. The protaganists are young children and the film plays out in a clean orderly apartment block in modern Sweden. There are no bats or strings of garlic. The film builds its atmosphere from scratch without resorting to readymade horror tricks. And it really works as a scary horror film.

But surprisingly it also really works as a love story between two children. And that may be the greatest success of director Tomas Alfredsson in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN - the ability to create the world as seen though a child's eyes. There's an uncanny crystalline brightness and simplicity to every frame of this film that takes you back to childhood. It's such an unusually structured film that it feels much more like a memory than a movie.

It gets the highest recommendation of all of us here at the Alamo. When we compile our 10 best lists it's almost certain to be at the top of at least a couple of them and it will be included on all. It's a pretty special movie that you must see on the big screen.

Check out what the critics are saying about LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.


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