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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fantastic Fest Classic DARK AGE Finally Coming to DVD!

Those who attended this year's NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD Ozploitation retrospective were among the chosen few to experience two rare big screen showings of Arch Nicholson's 1987 killer croc epic DARK AGE, which previously screened at the Alamo as part of QT Fest VI back in '05. Prominently featured in director Mark Hartley's NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD (opening at the Alamo next spring), DARK AGE is one of the last great Aussie genre films of the 80's, a kick-ass combo of giant monster movie, ecological horror, and Ozploitation that everyone who's seen it has raved about.

One of those in the audience this year was Don May, Jr. of the great indie DVD label Synapse Films, one of our Fantastic Fest judges this year and friend to the Alamo. Having already released several classic Aussie films on Synapse such as PATRICK, LONG WEEKEND, and FANTASM, Don looked into the rights for DARK AGE after seeing it at Fantastic Fest and quickly acquired them along with another long-lost Aussie favorite, THE ODD ANGRY SHOT, which also features DARK AGE star John Jarrett. May tells Fangoria, "[W]e’re probably going to fast-track it, because with NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD coming out early next year, we want to get DARK AGE out as soon as possible.” Another great genre film is resurrected thanks to Synapse Films and Fantastic Fest!

We'll keep you updated as to the release date, along with more exciting Synapse DVD news real soon!


  • At 1:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thank god I've been waiting to see this forever. It looks 100 times better than Lake Placid or even Rogue. Will buy this day of release.


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