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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Buy and Fantastic Fest Pass the DVD Savings on to You!

Pretty much everyone who has ever attended Fantastic Fest in years past will tell you that it was usually one of the most wonderful times of their life and they would give anything to relive it (OK, maybe not, but just work with us here). But outside of inventing time travel (which we fully encourage you to do), the only other way of bringing back those wonderful memories of Fantastic Fests 1 through 3 is to sit your ass down and watch many of the already-classic films we've played throughout the years. And now- in conjunction Best Buy, one of our many great 2008 sponsors - we can offer you that opportunity and give you something extra in return.

From now until September 26, all of the Best Buy stores in the Austin area will have a special "Endcap" (industry talk for "end of the aisle") highlighting select Fantastic Fest hits (such as HOSTEL; HATCHET; DIARY OF THE DEAD; BUG; THE HOST, among others). All you have to do is purchase one of these excellent DVDs at participating Best Buy stores and save your receipt. Bring it with you to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar location (home of Fantastic Fest, don't you know) and with this you'll get an exciting free Fantastic Fest 2008 DVD, featuring trailers for many of this year's features and trailers for several exciting upcoming major studio and independent genre films. Only VIPs and festival guests will be getting this disc, so the only other way you can get your hot little hands on this DVD is by going to Best Buy and purchasing one of these great titles. If they already played Fantastic Fest then you know they're good and if they're at Best Buy, you know you can afford them. It's that simple.

Best Buy is also the screening sponsor for JCVD, and those who attend this show will get a pretty cool Best Buy coupon, in addition to the honor of seeing one of the best films of the festival. Best Buy has been great to Fantastic Fest, so please return the love and stop buy the Austin area stores to pick up some Fantastic Fest classics for a fantastic deal!


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