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Thursday, September 11, 2008

BLOODSHOTS 2008 Screenings!

Forty eight hours to make a horror movie - how hard can it be? Get some ketchup, a couple of knives, and invite your buddies over for the weekend. But when one of those buddies shows up dead...

Okay, that didn't happen in this year's BLOODSHOTS Filmmaking Frenzy. Instead, we've got thirty-eight films made by horror enthusiasts that know the value of investing in blood in today's topsy-turvy economy. We assigned every team a subgenre and a weapon, with genres ranging from First Person Shooter to Road Trip From Hell. Weapons for some teams were simple - a pistol, for example - and for other teams far from easy - but it's really fun to watch the creative solutions people came up with when they had to use gossip/black mail as a method of killing someone.

We'll be screening all of the completed BLOODSHOTS 2008 movies over the course of two programs on two different nights. You'll be able to see the complete version of everything in this video:

Group A screens on Sunday night, and will feature:

Apt One – Grim Reefer
Bloody Amateurs
Bogan Monkey Productions
Bull Tiger Productions – Mondo SnuffaPalooza
Clasico Entertainment -
Cro-Magnum Films – Family Face-Off
Fogar! – Death at Dawn
Go Forward Captain – Don’t Fear the Rapture
Interstellar Knockabouts – Venusian Sector
Lady In A Cage – Pagans are Evil
Media Licks – Don’t Hit On My Girlfriend
Podd Productions – The Guitar Man
Red Skies Productions – Blown Up
Spazterpiece Theatre – Failure Means Limbo
Swaze Craze – Black Mail
Team Good Enough – Silver City
Team Shortbus – Resident Evil
Team U-Sock – Count to 3 and Die
You Got Severed – The Womanitis

Group B screens on Monday night, and will feature:

Bleutuna – Well, Shit
Body Bags R Us – The Aborted
Bucky Studios – Fade to Blood
Can’t Compete With A Hard On – Best Served Cold
Chaos Films – Cain
Comedia A-Go-Go – Fret
Employee64 – Ingenue
Foxtrot – Station k-F57
Gribblefluster Productions - Lair
Image Creation Entertainment – Road to Hell 3
Jimmy Jim Creations – The Creepy Bathroom
Lean Mean Green Screen Machine – Killing Time in the Break Room
One Zero Nine – Exhibit H
Rabid Dog Productions – Attack of the Teenage Jehovi
Strike Films – Blood Oil
Take Me To Your Leader – Galaxy of Fatality
Team Noob – El Spherical Diablo
Team Solus – Tiberious
The Castaro House - Beelzelballz

If you're a Bloodshots filmmaker and don't see your team listed here, it could mean that your DVD didn't play properly. Shoot me an email and I'll get you added into one of these two screenings as soon as I have your video.


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