Fantastic Fest

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2008 Fantastic Fest submissions are now active!

As of today, we have activated submissions for the 2008 Fantastic Fest, and I for one can't wait! We use Without A Box to collect submissions, and it's an easy form for filmmakers to fill out. Have an awesome new short or feature that fits into the loosely defined programming web of Fantastic Fest? By all means, send it our way. In the first couple of years, we were predominantly a horror, sci-fi and fantasy festival. While that's still our core, we've expanded a bit to include films with magic realism, crime and action movies, and really any movie that is we would succinctly define as "badass." We program a good chunk of the festival through direct submissions. So, if you've finished a "badass" movie or know someone who has, then please, send that film our way.

Check out the festival website for more information on Fantastic Fest and the submission process.


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