Fantastic Fest

Thursday, October 25, 2007

George Romero immortalized in human flesh!!

Here at the Alamo Drafthouse, we acknowledge and embrace our severe movie-nerdism. But every so often, one Alamoid will step forward with an act of celluloid obsession so impressive that it must be documented for the ages.

Case in point: recent Drafthouse inductee Katie Beavers, who kindly approached Fantastic Fest special guest/zombie legend George Romero and asked him if he'd autograph her arm. By the time the ink had dried, Katie was already halfway to the tattoo parlor to make her appreciation of fine horror filmmaking known to the world forever!

We are extremely proud to count Katie and her arm among the Alamo family.

PS: Stay tuned for more tattoo news. I think I've convinced Alamo founder Tim League to get a Chucky doll on his neck.


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