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Friday, October 26, 2007

Whoa! Fantastic Fest favorite TIMECRIMES goes to Magnolia Pictures!

We're very, very pleased to announce that the top-honored feature of Fantastic Fest 2007, Nacho Vigalondo's TIMECRIMES, has found distribution through leading American independent Magnolia Pictures!

The film had its world premiere at FF and it was pretty much unanimous...TIMECRIMES is a massive force of entertainment. Intelligent, perfectly paced, funny, well-acted, beautifully shot; there's nothing bad to say about the film. And equally enjoyable was writer/director/co-star Nacho Vigalondo, who joined us for Fantastic Fest and was one of the most good-natured and hilarious people you could ever meet. Plus he's one major karaoke maniac!

Visit the film's official site HERE!

See the Fantastic Fest listing -- including countless audience raves and a five star rating -- HERE!

Fantastic Fest is a celebration of all things fun and exciting about "genre movies," but one of its primary missions is to create a strong forum for films -- like TIMECRIMES -- that might not already be stirring up a huge international fervor via industry hype and countless internet blogs. It's very important to us that not-yet-well-known productions and filmmakers be equally represented alongside lauded veteran auteurs. The fact that the film has now found a home with one of the best film companies in the US proves that creativity and hard work can still be very much rewarded despite this age of bonehead remakes and self-indulgent Hollywood money-burners!

So we hope you'll join us in giving a huge heap of congratulations to Nacho Vigalondo and company for their accomplishments with TIMECRIMES, and wish them and Magnolia Pictures the best with what is sure to be a great run together. We look forward to having Nacho back here (hopefully with new features) for many more Fantastic Fests to come!


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