Fantastic Fest

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dell Lounge makes Fantastic Fest live FOREVER!

You only thought that Fantastic Fest 2007 was gone, buried
deep within the stacks of your happy memories. Maybe you still have
that photo of you and George Romero on the fridge, but your Richard
Kelly-signed SOUTHLAND TALES poster has already been packed away for
two weeks…presumably appreciating.

Now, like an elevator opening at the Overlook Hotel, all those
memories can come flooding back!

The good people at Dell have immortalized your happy memories (or at
least they're ready give you a happy time) at the Dell Lounge, where
you can watch exclusive video and interviews from the incredible,
irrevocable Fantastic Fest 2007.

Watch George Romero wax zombie-philosophical! Watch Richard Kelly
expound on the nature and future of time travel! Watch Uwe Boll &
Zack Ward…be Uwe Boll & Zack Ward! Watch Patton Oswalt & Daniel
Waters lay it bare about Sex & Death! Watch Adam Green, Joe Lynch,
Maurice Devereaux & Nacho Vigalondo before they are wigs too big for you!
Watch Drafthouse founder Tim League shooting shotguns! You.
Are. There.

Watch it all HERE!


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