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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Impossibly Entertaining Shorts of Nacho Vigalondo!

Last year, Spanish director/producer/actor/one-man karaoke assault squad Nacho Vigalondo made a seriously positive impact on FF. In fact, between the world premiere of his brilliant TIMECRIMES and his outrageous dance instruction, no attendee was left unsinged by his fire.

So when it came time to plan this year's FF program, we knew there had to be a way to bring Nacho and his hilarity, stamina and talent back to Austin. Thus was born the SHORTS OF NACHO VIGALONDO program, which will be playing not once, but TWICE at FF with both shows introduced and hosted by the dynamo himself!

Here's the showpage on the FF site!

And here's the breakdown of what cinematic mutations that Nacho will unleash!:

CHOQUE (11 min) - The follies of youth are lost on the old. Nacho stars as a man driven over the edge in a gaming arcade.

SUNDAY (4 min) - A young couple bicker while documenting the most important single occurrence in the history of mankind.

7:35 IN THE MORNING (8 min) - Some people will go to the greatest lengths in the name of romance. This musical short was nominated for a 2005 Academy Award!

CHANGING THE WORLD (4 min) - A man awakens several times at once and is forced to team up with several versions of himself to discover what's gone wrong.

CODE 7 (9 min) - A gripping tale of high-impact, two-fisted science fiction in the 25th Century!!! Kind of.

A LESSON IN FILMMAKING (3 min) - Nacho uses a cow and a rubber ball to instruct aspiring filmmakers on the finer points of cinematic subtlety.

THE GALACTIC ADVENTURES OF JAIME DE FUNES AND ARANCHA (Dir. Velasco Broca, 8 min) - Nacho portrays an interstellar superhero who, along with his sniveling sidekick, fearlessly battles evil throughout the universe!

Plus several other Vigalondolicious surprises like GREMLINS 3, BACK TO THE FUTURE 4, CHEAP SCIENCE FICTION and more, many of which are subtitled in English for the first time here, specifically for Fantastic Fest!

...So get this show on your calendar and join us in a near-fatal case of NACHO FEVERRRRRR.


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