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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New posters - MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR!

As part of Fantastic Fest, we're doing a series of Oz-sploitation screenings featuring the best of the down-under's offerings of madness and mayhem! And you can't have Austrailian Madness and Mayhem with out MAD MAX and the Road Warrior.

Tyler Stout and Billy Perkins are both hot regulars on our poster series, and they've brought us these amazingly Bad-ass prints promoting the outdoor RRS screenings of Mad Max and Mad Max 2 (aka- The Road Warrior)! Perkins' Mad Max is signed and numbered by the artist, and Stout's Road Warrior is individualy numbered!

Both are approximately 24x36 silk screened prints, printed by D and L Screen Printers out of Seattle!

Both are up for sale RIGHT NOW on!

Both posters also come in these variant editions-

Mad Max Apocalypse Edition-

And the Metallic Ink version of The Road Warrior (Already sold out, sadly)

And, while we're at it, don't forget to pick up this Eraserhead Print by local artist Mark Pedini!

These are all currently up for sale at!


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