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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Special offer for Fantastic Fest badge holders

We have a special screening offer for Fantastic Fest badge holders only. If you have a Fantastic Fest badge, you can RSVP for you and a guest to attend this screening. There may be additional seats available at the door. This is just one in a LONG list of special offers to Fantastic Fest badge holders. Get yours today and stop missing out.

About the film:
Among the classic high-school rebels of American movies, there have been truants, delinquents, pranksters and con artists – but there has never been anyone quite like Charlie Bartlett. An optimist, a truth-teller and a fearless schemer, when Charlie slyly positions himself as his new school’s resident “psychiatrist,” dishing out both honest advice and powerful prescriptions, he has no idea the ways in which he will transform his classmates, the school principal and the potential of his own life.

We've been showing the trailer to Charlie Bartlett for some time now, mainly due to my own personal excitement about the film. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year and has gotten rave reviews ever since. While there's still a part of me that responds in some primal male way to to a boob-infested-romp style of teen comedy, Charlie Bartlett looks to be a refreshing change in the genre, smart, well scripted and well acted. You will most certainly see me front and center at Saturday's screening.

RSVP by joining our Fantastic Fest Facebook group and click on the Charlie Bartlett Event Page


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