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Thursday, January 17, 2008

See Rambo for free plus fun with fire!

Anyone who says Stallone is too old to kick ass as John Rambo is a liar and a sinner.

RAMBO, with out a doubt, will shoot a razor-tipped arrow straight through your soul and set your spirit aflame!

Join Ain't It Cool News and Fantastic Fest for yet another free evening of badass cinema with a free advance screening of RAMBO on Tuesday, January 22 at 9:45 at the Alamo Drafthouse Village!

Not that we don't think this film can stand on it's own legs- because even if it couldn't, it would just cut off your legs and sew them to its stumps using animal sinews and a blunt, modified rifle hammer- but we've decided to heat things up a bit with some fun and surprises after the show!

Controlled irresponsibility- the real John Rambo would be so proud.

And you, Fantastic Fest 2008 badge holders have first dibs on tickets!

Simply RSVP! But please only RSVP if you are absolutely sure you can attend. We don't want someone less flaky than you missing out because you were more about the hunt than the kill. And you must show up by 9:00PM if you want to ensure your seat!


This offer for tickets is only for Fantastic Fest badge holders; the remainder of seats will be opened up to the general public after Friday at 5:00 PM. To RSVP for the screening, please become a member of the Fantastic Fest Facebook group
and RSVP to the Rambo event there.

Rambo opens at the Alamo Drafthouse Village on Thursday, Jan 24. Tell your friends in the academy, there's a dark horse candidate for best picture 2008!


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