Fantastic Fest

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One more surprise screening!!! the best yet?

So it's just one man's opinion (mine), but the secret surprise screening that we are adding today may very well be the best of the fest. This is a film that I saw earlier this year and it blew me away in every possible way. After the screening, I emailed the production company within 15 minutes of the closing credits using the most flowery persuasive words in my admittedly limited vocabulary. I begged for this film, I offered up promises that a sane man would never do.

After rampant misuse in the late 90s and the early years of 21st century, the Alamo programming office made a pact to never use the the descriptive phrase "Holy Grail" in reference to a film hunt ever again. I alas have no choice. I'm breaking the emergency glass and hucking out the only phrase that make sense. This film was my "Holy Grail" of the 2007 Fantastic Fest.

When I got the email this morning that in the 11th hour, the studio's will had broken and they submitted to my sobbing pleas, I was the happiest boy in the world. I am going to get to share this amazing film with a group of friends during my favorite week of the year, Fantastic Fest.

I can't tell you much about it. It's not a horror movie. It's a comedy. It's wonderful, it's strange and it blew my mind. In my opinion, miss this and miss Fantastic Fest. That's all I'm saying. I'll see you on Sunday at midnight... I recommend toting an extra pair of pants, I anticipate a mass loss of bowel control.


  • At 10:01 AM , Anonymous psychedelic said...

    Why don't you put it Monday at midnight? There's no movie playing there already and this way I don't have to miss one of the previously programmed films. Seeing how Sunday and Monday nights are both working nights, as opposed to Friday and Saturday, it shouldn't make any difference to how many people show up.

  • At 10:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I agree, having this film on Sunday wrecks my schedule and prevents me from seeing either Hell's Ground or Taxedermia that night (I have work-related conflicts that make me miss their replays on Tuesday/Wednesday nights as it is.) Monday night at midnight would have made much more sense to me from a programming standpoint.

  • At 11:24 AM , Blogger Tim League said...

    Sorry folks, it's beyond my control. We don't have any flexibility on the date.


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