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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

FINISHING THE GAME Bruce Lee lookalike contest!

There was once a fierce warrior named Bruce. His skills were unparalleled, his popularity was immeasurable, and his life was very, very short. Barely into the filming of his fifth starring vehicle GAME OF DEATH, the world's foremost martial arts hero was taken away from us.

Of course, this didn't slow down production. And the remainder of that story is what Justin Lin's new comedy FINISHING THE GAME is all about. And now, with the collaboration of Fantastic Fest and, a new Bruce Lee will be our own backyard.

Yep, we're sending out a call to all Bruce Lee look-a-likes and not-so-much-a-likes who'd like to step into the role and show the Fantastic Fest audience why YOU should be chosen as the successor to the roundhouse throne. To apply, see details at

The numero uno Bruce, as chosen by Austinist readers, will win two free FF badges. The next ten by popular vote will win passes to the first FF screening of FINISHING THE GAME on Thursday September 20th at 9:45 PM at Alamo South Lamar.

Anyone who dares may show up to the first screening of FINISHING THE GAME to compete in the live action BRUCE LEE LOOKALIKE CONTEST. The audience will vote on the top 5 Bruces and fabulous prizes will be awarded.

GRAND PRIZE: One month of genuine kung fu classes at Austin Kung Fu Academy!


- Large, frameable, original ENTER THE DRAGON Bruce Lee-in-action poster from Hog Wild!

- Antique packaged Yung Kung Fu Automatic Push-Button Chop-Action action figure from Hog Wild!

- Original 1973 Hanna-Barbera AMAZING CHAN AND THE CHAN CLAN coloring book, also from Hog Wild!

- ENTER THE DRAGON vinyl soundtrack LP from Backspin Records!!

Keep in mind that the screening isn't just open to the Austinist Bruces! Fantastic Fest attendees are encouraged to show up in Brucewear, too! Let's get as much Bruce as we can in one theater for the Brucinest event in theatrical history!



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