Fantastic Fest

Friday, September 14, 2007's time for Fantastic FEUD!!

As if Fantastic Fest wasn't already bursting with the spirit of adrenalized competition and unbridled, unapologetic nerdishment, we've now upped the ante with a revolutionary new horror trivia game:


In Theater 2 at midnight on Monday, Sept 25 -- dead center in the festival's heart -- film critic/megafan/semi-professional barker Scott Weinberg will be your host for a blistering battle of genre knowledge! Who's participating? Visiting filmmakers and genre experts (including Harvey Fenton of FAB Press), Austin movie maniacs (like Lars Nilsen from Alamo's Weird Wednesdays) and...YOU! That's right, competitors will also be culled from the FF audiences!

If you think you've got the moxie, then let us know ahead of time, either by approaching any of the Alamo programmers introducing the FF screenings or arriving early before the Feud begins! Then steel yourself for the elimination rounds that will lead to one man or woman being crowned the Gargantua of Gore!

Will it be...YOU?


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