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Friday, August 31, 2007

Special screening: Fantastic Fest attendees!

I wanted to give a "heads up" to the Fantastic Fest badge holders that Adam Green, winner of the "Best Horror Film" award at Fantastic Fest last year is returning to the Alamo this week to promote the theatrical release of that very film, Hatchet. For those of you who saw the film last year, we encourage you to tell your friends about this special screening on September 5th with Adam in attendance, as well as the regular theatrical opening at Alamo South Lamar on September 7.

Adam is one of the rising young stars of genre cinema, and this screening is a rare chance to get to know the man behind the movies. Adam will introduce the film as well as do a Q&A session afterwards, and will be around to chat after that.

Adam will also be back at the Alamo South Lamar for Fantastic Fest (Sept 20-27) to host the regional premiere of his new film Spiral.

About the film:
It's not a remake. It's not a sequel. And it's not based on a Japanese one.

Winner of the FANTASTIC FEST Audience Choice Award, plus Best Actor (Kane Hodder) and Best Special Effects.

“Kane Hodder creates a horror film icon that will stand alongside Jason, Michael Myers, and Freddy. Victor Crowley is awesome. We have the makings of one of the greatest horror film characters and series. It's great. Super great. So indescribably awesome that you just cannot conceive.” – Harry Knowles AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

“100% fun! HATCHET stands out from the current glut of horror movies in that it is an original story and it manages to keep a sense of humor that is totally natural.” – Peter C. Bowen, CINEMA STRIKES BACK

If you love the classic Slasher Movies of old and think they're gone forever - sucked into the trash pit of sequels, remakes and CGI, we're happy to tell you: You're Wrong! Because HATCHET is here.

Let's be honest: if a movie has blood, gore, nudity and a cool monster, that's good enough. HATCHET takes all those elements, rolls them up into a banana sized joint, coats it in barbeque sauce, and sets it on fire in Hollywood's front yard. After tearing through all the Horror Festivals, leaving a trail of awards and accolades in its wake, HATCHET is here!

Everybody knows the names Jason, Freddie Kruger and Michael Myers. Now here's another name you won't be able to forget: Victor Crowley, the swamp-dwelling boogeyman who makes life hard (and short) for anyone who trespasses in his little corner of the bayou. And luckily for us, there's a Louisiana Haunted Swamp Tour heading his way...


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