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Friday, June 08, 2007

3 Updates for Fantastic Fest Attendees!

2006 Fantastic Fest's Severance opens today at the Alamo South Lamar
Festival favorite Severance opens at Alamo South Lamar today. In my opinion, Magnolia didn't properly sell this gem of a film. The UK Trailer rocks, but the US trailer doesn't give you any sense of what the movie is about, let alone indicate that it's going to be funny. Really funny (just think bear trap and airplane). It's a disservice to what I thought was one of the funniest, most crisply written films of last year's festival. Please tell your friends to come and check this baby out. In the thick of this blockbuster summer, Severance isn't going to be around very long. If you missed it last year, I've included a link to the audience feedback comments from last year's fest. almost unanimously glowing with praise.

Robosaurus tickets on sale next Friday
Tickets for the ULTIMATE Transformers experience, (you know the one with the actual transforming, fire breathing, car-smashing, 60-foot metal robot in the parking lot) go on sale EXCLUSIVELY to Fantastic Fest badge holders in 7 days, at 1:00 PM, Friday, June 15. The show is on July 2 and includes a ticket to Robosaurus live and the opening show of Transformers at South Lamar. If you have friends on the fence about attending Fantastic Fest, let them know that right now is the time to hop down off of said property divider. Otherwise, the Ultimate Transformers experience may just pass them by.

2nd round of Fantastic Fest titles to be announced next Friday
Not only is the shadow of Robosaurus looming large over next Friday, but on that same day you will get the first peek at the next wave of confirmed titles for Fantastic Fest. I'm very excited about the way that the fest is shaping up, and come Friday, I think you guys will agree. We'll update the website at noon on Friday with the next round of confirmations.


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