Fantastic Fest

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

First big Fantastic Fest Announcement of 2007

The news annoucements are about to start coming fast and furious. Fantastic Fest will be relaunching it's website on May 15. Look for a new look and feel, plus the first of 4 content announcements. We've already booked about 12 features and and handfull of shorts, all of which will be posted to the website on the 15th.

We have also added Todd Brown, creator of the legendary to the programming team. His site is an unparalleled bounty for those hunting for strange and wonderful films from around the globe.

We have already sold out of our VIP Badges for Fantastic Fest 2007 and expect to sell out of the regular badges well before the festival begins. Stay tuned here for special announcements exclusively for Fantastic Fest badge holders.

On Tuesday, we'll be heading out to the French Riviera where we plan to do what most beach visitors do: cloister ourselves for 14 hours a day in small dark rooms watching strange Asian movies. The Cannes Film Festival Market is the largest, most robust source of new cult film product, so expect a load of great new Fantastic Film from this scouting mission. We'll be sifting through over 4000 films, 900 from Japan and South Korea alone. I'll have a full report upon my return. In the meantime, check back here on May 15 for our first content announcement. Lots of in-your-face film headed straight for your face.