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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fantastic Fest favorite THE HOST opens Alamo Lamar this weekend.

Hey Fantastic Fest gang, i wanted to give you a heads up that one of the hands-down favorites of the 2006 Festival, Korean blockbuster THE HOST opens at the Alamo south Lamar this weekend. We have a Thursday midnight screening and it opens for a regular full slate of shows starting Friday. We're about to roll into a very busy time with the glut of big summer product so I'm not sure how long we'll have it on screen. So spread the word to your friends that if they want to see this bad boy on the big screen, they should come soon! Jong Boon-Ho's monster movie with a heart is the most popular movie in Korean history, shattering all previous box office records. Tickets and full show description here.

"On a par with JAWS!" - (Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News)

“THE HOST is a film that provides something of everything from suspense to terror, from drama to a little touch of comedy, this film has it all. What’s more surprising is that it delivers all of them very well and provides great entertainment on the way. The opening of the film is perhaps one of the strongest I’ve seen. Starting with introductions to some of the main characters we instantly get a feel for who they are and what they are about, all the time with a healthy amount of humor.” - (Twitch)

Bong rips up genre conventions, with the drama of a family caught in a crisis - the human factor left out of most Hollywood monster films - adding a hefty dose of pointed social and political satire. THE HOST is both frightening and tragic, yet cut with comic absurdity. This is a giant monster flick, after all. Luckily, Bong never forgets it. - (Colin Geddes, Toronto International Film Festival)

"Both smashing entertainment and snarky geopolitical allegory, this Godzilla vs. Little Miss Sunshine is the wildest and weirdest movie to hit screens in quite some time." - (Philadelphia Weekly)


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