Fantastic Fest

Monday, September 25, 2006

FF Community update

Chris from Bside here with an update on the ways Fantastic Fest attendees are using the web site's new community features. Fantastic Fest is one of our most active festival communties to date!

Featured reviews

"Visually stunning, with a compelling story. This dark,poignant fairy tale flips childhood and fairy tales on their proverbial ears." - user jenab on Terry Gilliam's Tideland (read more reviews of Tideland)

"I'm not going to bother with the obligatory handwringing "this movie is not for everyone" statement to qualify my love for this freakshow. It's my favorite film so far of the festival, and if you are unable to enjoy it you are my enemy. You should have been dropping acid in high school like the rest of us, so you would have the organic damage necessary to enjoy the crunchy sound of minds shattering." - user weevil on Funky Forest (read more reviews of Funky Forest)

"Definitely see this one. The vibe in this film reminded me of Fright Night - one of the most fun vampire movies ever. Just the general vibe, mind you. The plot is completely different. An excellent mix of horror and comedy featuring Swedish teen angst, which isn't all that different from American teen angst. Don't take the red pill! Most impressive for a paltry $3 Million budget." - user SickLiaisons on Frostbite (read more reviews of Frostbite)

Featured filmmaker blog

"The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell will be making it's way to The Fantastic Fest in Austin. We are very, very excited. For starters it is a festival launched by my secret crush, Matt Dentler, and the oh so famous Harry Knowles. We are really thinking that if we can get in with the Ain't it Cool News Crowd, this film will have a very fun ride." - filmmaker Jamie Bullock, The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell

Featured user blog

"Not since Alien Vs. Predator has a three-word movie title delivered so completely what it has promised. Texas? Check. Chainsaw? Oh, mais oui. Massacre? You betcha. This prequel to the splatterhouse original comes at you with all the subtlety of a concussion grenade. But hey, it's not like you were misled--you can't complain that you were expecting something like Snow Falling On Cedars." - user Purukivel, blogging after seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Are you writing kick-ass reviews? Blogging about Fantastic Fest on the official site or elsewhere? Drop a line to cholland @ bside . com and let us know - they might be featured here.


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