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Monday, September 29, 2008

REPO! Soundtrack hits the streets and Darren is selling copies out of his trunk

I got this note from Director Darren Boseman about his film REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA today. I think it speaks volumes that the director himself (and a director of a string of hugely grossing SAW movies at that) is out there hustling and bootstrapping to get his film seen and heard. Color me charmed, so much so that I am immediately passing it on to you guys, many of whom were wooed by the sweet melodies of his soundtrack during the fest. The CD releases today and Darren points to three easy ways to purchase it. If you enjoyed REPO, please pick up your copy and tell your friends to do the same. I have a feeling that success with the soundtrack will translate to a wider release or bigger advertising budget for the film.

Here's Darren's note....

Hey all... Okay, sorry for the group email. I myself hate them, so it pains me to send one. I feel like a telemarketer. That being said. It's not going to stop me from pushing my new movie on you. REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA.

I wanted to make sure you all were aware that today the soundtrack became available. Come on, where else can you hear PARIS HILTON, singing a song with SARAH BRIGHTMAN where someone from SLIPKNOT is playing on the track? NOWHERE I tell you!

We also just updated our webpage so check it out! (

3 ways to get the album:

#2. (digitally download the album)
#3. Text 'REPOCD' to '262966' (that spells AMAZON on your keypad) to order the cd from your cell.

Thanks all, and I promise not to send another group email... Well, at least until the films release!!!!



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