Fantastic Fest

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photos of the City of Ember Cave Party

Photographers Eugene Hsu and David Hill have posted their collections of City of Ember Cave Party photos. Following the closing night film, Gil Keenan's CITY OF EMBER, the audience boarded buses to head out to Longhorn Caverns for a late-night subterranean cave party.

In Fox Walden’s October 10 release of CITY OF EMBER, Bill Murray plays the Mayor of Ember, an underground city where the generations have lived for over 200 years to escape a ravaged surface. But on September 25, 2008, this legendary performer, along with CITY OF EMBER director Gil Kenan, traveled a mile and a half underground to announce his “candidacy” for Mayor of Ember and to kick off GET LIT: THE SUBTERRANEAN DANCE PARTY, the closing night event of Fantastic Fest 2008.

David Hill's photos.

Eugene Hsu's photos.

City of Ember opens in theaters on October 10.


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