Fantastic Fest

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fantastic Fest Is Over?! What can I do now? Here's a suggestion, see THE NINES. Special deal for FF Badgeholders.

If challenging mind-ripping films are your cup of tea, you're probably not jumping at the thought of seeing the next Hollywood Blockbuster. We can't blame you. So we'd love to see you back at the Alamo South Lamar for the new speculative fiction film, THE NINES.

Like a lot of the films at this year's Fantastic Fest, THE NINES is hard to describe and even harder to categorize. But if you like challenging films like TIMECRIMES, we think you're going to like THE NINES too.

Our opening night screenings with Ryan Reynolds and writer/director John August are sold out but we'd like to invite Fantastic Fest badgeholders to see it at a reduced rate. Instead of the usual 8 bucks we'll let you in for $6.25 if you have a Fantastic Fest badge, all through the first week.

Here's what the critics are saying about THE NINES:

"THE NINES is a philosophical mind teaser with satirical fangs." - NY Times

"An offbeat, unpredictable story that plays out in parallel universes." - Hollywood Reporter

"You'll go ''Huh?'' but you won't feel cheated." - Entertainment Weekly

Click here to buy advance tickets. See you there.


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