Fantastic Fest

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My super Fantastic Fest Tuesday

The fest is getting into its waning days but there are still a surprisingly large number of people here checking out screenings. It makes me very happy to hear from people here from out of town who are having such a good time.

My Tuesday was mostly a workday. But when I went down to introduce HELL'S FEVER I got sucked into it and watched almost the whole thing. Whatever you may think of it, it is a fascinating experience. Judging from the number of laughs I heard, the others in attendance found it amusing as well. Afterwards the whole audience held a group therapy session. We all vowed that if we ever found a crossbow at a bloody crime scene we would ask the police to put it in the lost and found.

Then I worked and worked like a rent-a-mule. Then it was suddenly time for THE WARPED ONES, part of the Nikkatsu series. The main character goes through life at a thousand miles an hour, stopping only to put on another jazz record. It's a pretty fascinating document of world cinema at a crossroads. It's also tremendously kinetic and entertaining.

Tonight's Nikkatsu screening, VELVET HUSTLER, is one of my favorite movies ever and it's a perfect synthesis of A COLT IS MY PASSPORT and THE WARPED ONES. So if you liked either of those you'll like it. If you liked both, you'll love it. If you loved both, wear a rubber. I don't even know what that means but you must BE THERE FOR VELVET HUSTLER TONIGHT! ALRIGHT! Again, author Mark Schilling, author of the FAB Press book NO BORDERS NO LIMITS: NIKKATSU ACTION CINEMA will be there to fill you in on some of the backstory. I can't recommend this film highly enough. Eleven stars! Nine thumbs up!

I feel the need to cry out like a wild animal but I will just sit here silently until then.

Oh, and just to pop in an extra plug: I run a free weekly film series called Weird Wednesday. Midnight tonight at South Lamar I will be showing a movie called THE CARHOPS. It's not part of Fantastic Fest but I'd love to see all my new fest friends there.

Here's more about it:


If you’ve ever wondered about the sexual proclivities and appetites of those rollerskating waitresses at old-fashioned fast food drive ins, you’re surely not alone. A lot of very smart people have given it a lot of thought and the result is this groundbreaking motion picture. Carrying trays full of burgers and milkshakes is just the tip of the iceberg, from there it gets heavy. Can you handle it? Featuring nudity, comedy, nude comedy, comic nudity and more! Another dumb sex comedy from your friends at the Alamo. With Pamela Des Barres, Uschi Digard and her giant breasts. (Lars)


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