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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Minor schedule change... Freddie out, Shiva in...

We had one last minute schedule change. The new print of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET has been pulled, we'll be bringing it back to the Alamo Drafthouse Village in October as part a month-long horror series.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is making way for SHIVA, the newest film by Ram Gopal Varma, which rounds out the retrospective at four films. Shiva is a remake of his very first film (of the same name), but this time instead of a college campus, the story of honor amid corruption is set within the Mumbai Police Department.

If you haven't seen it yet, you must check out the trailer for SHIVA (It's linked from the Fantastic Fest site) which will, if nothing else, get your attention. I've seen the other Varma titles in the series, and they are solid one and all. I simply cannot wait to check out his latest. I've got it on my schedule, and I hope to see you there!

To add to the excitement, executive chef John Bullington has pulled out the stops and put together a phenomenal menu for the Ram Gopal Varma series. There are so many treats, that even if you see all four of the Varma movies, you can eat something different every time!

Ram Gopal Varma: The Menu

Toasted lentil crisp with tamarind chutney and date raita

Stuffed parathas
Panfried Whole Wheat breads filled with sambar beef

Shrimp Pooris
Fried bread topped with spicy spinach tomatoes peppers and shrimp topped with yogurt

Fried Pastry filled with Potatoes, peas and cashews with Mango Chutney

Palak Paneer
Homemade Cheese sauteed with Spinach and served with Naan Bread

Chana Dal
Yellow split peas with tomatoes served with spicy long beans

Lamb Biryani
Lamb cooked with almonds and raisins in a savory yogurt sauce with saffron basmati

Pork Vindaloo with basmati
Tend pork in a spicy curry form Goa with basmati rice

Beef Roan Josh
Beef simmered in this classic red curry sauce with jasmine rice

Frozen mango and pistachio ice creams with falooda noodles

John Bullington has been executive chef at Alamo South Lamar since we opened in 2005. He was named Austin Citysearch Chef of the Year in 2000, but nothing pleases him more these days then a perfect pairing of food and film. Prior to his post at the Alamo, John was executive chef at Mars restaurant, which often featured his delicious Indian cuisine.


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